Schooling Carmen by Kathleen Cross

April 5, 2018

Rating: ★★★★☆


The beautiful and sassy Carmen DuPre has much to learn both mentally and spiritually as the misguided guidance counselor from the East Los Angeles school district loses the love of her life and best friend right after each other. This causes her to attack anybody who says or does the wrong thing and makes her very unpleasant to be around. She absolutely despises her job at Overland High and would do just about anything to land a promotion elsewhere.


However, Ms. DuPre learns that she has a cancerous growth on one of her breasts but opts to do nothing about it initially, and this decision could prove to be a costly one. I liked reading Schooling Carmen by Kathleen Cross because this novel sheds light on the more important things in life such as love, family, friendship and humility for example.

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