Book Formatting

A paperback copy of your book is just as important as an ebook copy. In fact, many people like the idea of holding a physical copy of a book in their hands as opposed to an electronic one. If you're an author who completed a manuscript and had it proofread, let me polish up the book's interior for you. I have ten years of experience in writing and formatting my books, and the basic print book formatting services include:


- A Flat Rate of $99 for 50,000 Words or Less

- Page-by-Page Formatting

- Page Number Insertion

- Chapter and Section Headings

- Copyright Page

- Full Justification Alignment of Paragraphs

- PDF File Conversion

- For English Manuscripts Only


Doesn't Include:


- Proofreading and Requires Error-Free Manuscript

- Book Cover or Blurb

- Images, Tables, Graph, Lists, Subheadings, Poetry or Footnotes, Etc.

- Foreign Languages


The turnaround time is 5-10 business days and send final editied copy of manuscript in Microsoft Word.