What Makes A Fiction Plot Interesting?

January 16, 2018 | by Mark Stephen O'Neal

I'm not a writer in the classical sense because I haven't had any formal training other than taking a couple of creative writing classes in college. However, I do have the gift of storytelling, and my command of the English language is above average. With that being said, I have all of the tools necessary to be a successful writer of fiction and nonfiction.


In today's world, there's no right or wrong way to create a storyline. My style of writng has a little of the traditional methods of writing and a little of an organic writing flow to it. Each chapter has a brief overview of what the scene is in one complete sentence, and this represents the outline of my book. I then organically create a scene based on the overview of each chapter. The book is structured in a sense because each sentence sort of helps the plot along, but the book is organic enough that I still don't know how the story is actually going to shape up or take form until I actually write it.


I also like to write about subjects that interest me the most: crime dramas, sports or romance for example. One should write about things that he or she has the most expertise, but it's okay to get out of the comfort zone of strictly writing about what you know. Do your research on an unfamiliar subject so that your plot is as realistic as possible. For example, I served on two jurys in my life: a murder case and a rape case. I'm familiar with the inner workings of a court proceeding, but I don't know every single detail of a trial. If I wanted to include a trial scene in one of my books, I'd do some research on the web to add a little spice to the plot.


The details are what make a plot interesting. However, I don't like to overwhelm my readers with too many details because I prefer to keep the story moving. But that's just me.


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