Q & A With Brock Lane Of The Root Of All Evil

February 13, 2018 | by Mark Stephen O'Neal

Who is Brock Lane? Well, for starters, he’s the protagonist of the book titled The Root Of All Evil, and he’s an NBA superstar from the south side of Chicago. The twenty-five year old basketball sensation discusses his character in this suspenseful urban fiction drama.


MOB: What’s up, Brock?


Brock Lane: Nothing much, Mark...taking it day by day.


MOB: I just want to say that I appreciate you for doing this interview for me.


Brock Lane: It’s my pleasure, man.


MOB: So, tell me about who Brock Lane is as a person.


Brock Lane: Hmm...Brock Lane is a down-to-earth guy who would do anything for his family and is a man of God who hasn’t let fame and fortune corrupt his spirit.


MOB: Let’s talk about God. Who or what made you become a born-again Christian?


Brock Lane: That’s a good question, Mark. Well, I’ve always been a part of the church in some form or fashion since childhood, but like many Christians, I gave in to the temptations of the world after my mother passed away. Turning my life back over to Christ helped transform my life and career.


MOB: When and how did your mother die?


Brock Lane: She died of career about ten years ago.


MOB: I see. So, Brock, what was the catalyst that brought you back to God?


Brock Lane: I can’t attribute it to one particular thing, per se, but I will say that not indulging in activities that break God’s commandments but are accepted by society has had a profound effect on my life.


MOB: What type of activities are you specifically talking about?


Brock Lane: Activities like overindulgence in alcohol, drug use, fornication, etcetera...


MOB: That’s great, Brock, but do you worry about people viewing you as self-righteous person?


Brock Lane: Not at all. People who are closest to me know what kind of person I am.


MOB: What was it like growing up in Chicago?


Brock Lane: I had a rough childhood, man. My parents split up before I started the fourth grade, and basketball was the only thing that saved me from a trip to prison or the morgue.


MOB: I feel you, man. Did you ever get into any serious trouble?


Brock Lane: I did the typical stuff, you know, pedaling a little weed here and there...nothing major. I got busted in my senior year of high school and got probation, and I’ve been flying right every since then.


MOB: What about the women in your life?


Brock Lane: I’ve had my share...nobody special since college though.


MOB: So, do you meet someone in the book? A budding romance on the horizon? Inquiring minds want to know...


Brock Lane: Maybe...but I don’t want to reveal too much here.


MOB: Okay, that’s fair. Changing the subject, tell me more about The Root Of All Evil.


Brock Lane: My team, the St. Louis Trojans, get bounced out of the playoffs early, so I decide to spend a good portion of my summer break with family. Unfortunately, my dad and I get jacked by two thugs who demand money from me the same day that I get in town and give me a day-and-a-half to come up with a million dollars, or else my dad is history.


MOB: Wow, that plot is sick, man. So, tell us what happens next without spilling too much of it.


Brock Lane: Okay...so, I can say that Brock will eventually learn who his true friends are, and of course, who’s out to get him in this book as well as subsequent books in the series.


MOB: That’s it?


Brock Lane: I’m afraid so, Mark. Readers will just have to find out what happens next by buying the book.


MOB: Well, thanks for stopping by, Brock. I look forward to doing this again soon.


Brock Lane: Thanks for having me, and I’ll be back when Book 2 comes out.


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