My Vacation In South Beach (Part 2)

March 16, 2018 | by Mark Stephen O'Neal

My four-day experience in Miami was great. The food was good even though it was pricey, the weather was pleasant; and spending time with my wife, brother-in-law and sister-in-law was fun. The three things that stood out the most to me were the way the young women dressed, my dining experience at Smith & Wolinsky, and the Uber drivers.


Scantily Clad Young Women.


Breakfast the first morning was, in a nutshell, memorable. There was a young Hispanic woman standing in the food line with a t-shirt on that fit like a glove and booty shorts with no panties on. I guess she thought she was eating breakfast at her own kitchen table. And there was another young white woman at the Walgreesns we visited about a half-mile from the hotel parading around in a bikini and see-through wrap as her mid-day attire. In fact, many of the young women of all ethnicities sported bikinis as their main attire throughout our entire stay in Miami. It was culture shock to say the least for me.


Smith & Wolinsky.


There's a Smith & Wolinsky restaurant across the street from my job in downtown Chicago, and up to the point of visiting Miami with my wife and in-laws, I'd never dined there. My sister-in-law wanted to eat dinner there on her birthday, and I must say the steak and salad that I ordered was delicious. I would highly recommend the salad with boar meat and blue cheese dressing.


Miami Uber Drivers.


Most of the Uber drivers that we requested were foreigners, and we only had one American driver out of about ten Uber pickups. I thought it was rather strange, but I won't speculate on it any further. Perhaps there are more American drivers in inner-city Miami than they are in South Beach. I also have to say that one of the drivers we got was funny as hell. He was what you would call the Hispanic version of my brother-in-law. They traded insults the entire ride and had us all in stitches. Overall, my experience in South Beach was one of the best trips I ever had, and I look forward to visiting south Florida in the near future.


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