Is The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner The Beginning Of The End?

February 16, 2018 | by Mark Stephen O'Neal

I worked at a check processing center in Chicago's West Loop over five years ago. Flashback another two years to the CVS Pharmacy located a block away from the job where I used to work, and it was there that I witnessed a store with a completely automated checkout for the first time. There was one clerk at the front of the store who made sure that all of the automated checkout counters were functioning properly.


My initial thought was there's no way in hell that this will work in my community because someone would undoubtedly figure out a way to game the system. I haven't been to that particular CVS Pharmacy in a long time, so I'm not 100% sure if the program is still in effect there. All that I know is the CVS in my neighborhood still has cashiers, but this point brings me to my next point...what does the future hold for the human workforce?


I recently saw a commercial for a robotic vacuum cleaner created by Shark, and I realized where the world was headed at that moment. Technology is a great tool to have, but progress at the expense of human beings will destroy mankind. Artificial intelligence will only get smarter (Siri's IQ is 25), and many people will be phased out of the workforce as technology continues to advance. Self-driving cars and automated factories...what's next? Human extinction like in the movie The Terminator? What are your thoughts?


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